So… why Pretty Love Fashion?

In 2015 our Boss Babe took her dream of owning an online Fashion shop and made it a reality.  Her inspiration has come from a two places; firstly, she is inspired by the individuality and femineity of babes all around the world!

This allows her to find fashion that makes the world a prettier place, from bold colours to soft pastels, florals that make your heart flutter and so much more.  So she thought why not share this with her Pretty Community by way of expression through one’s own style ♡

Secondly on more of a personal note, the birth of her beautiful baby girl showed her what her true priorities and passions were.  She wants to show her baby girl that there are no boundaries in life and you can achieve what you want through passion, hard work and dedication.

Our promise to you!

Pretty Love Fashion will always provide the highest quality clothing that is diverse and enticing.  We want to deliver fashion that suits every aspect of your life from day to night, encompassing the everyday stunner, sophisticated dolls, party girl, modern day mumma’s and so much more.

We believe that fashion is life and you take our fashion and make it your own style, something unique and gorgeous to you and you only.

♡ Love the team at Pretty Love Fashion ♡